Welsh Language Websites

Living in a welsh-speaking community, I have a particular interest in creating websites in the welsh language.

I would certainly need help – even after a few years of study my understanding is too rudimentary to manage much content on my own, but I am familiar enough with the words and structure to not be fazed and know when something is out of place.

WordPress itself has a welsh language pack so the administration and site management would be in welsh, though some of the plugins probably not.

With the arrival of the .cymru domain the time is right for welsh language websites, and I would welcome the opportunity …

Search Engine Optimisation and Ongoing Rankings Support

There are many factors involved in getting, and staying, on the front page of Google – obviously harder if you are in a very competitive field. WordPress is well built for SEO purposes and there are some excellent plugins that will help you fine-tune your content.

I will work with you, offering support and advice to ensure the basics are in place:

  • content linked to keyword rich page titles and descriptions
  • advice on inbound links
  • help with Google Analytics and Google Adwords
Updates and Site Maintenance

Once the site is up and running, any site updates or maintenance can be done either on a contractual basis or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

WordPress needs frequent updates. That might sound like a pain, but actually it is WordPress’ greatest strength – it is kept bang up to date and in line with wider web developments. Most updates you will be able to do yourself, with the click of a button. Occasionally a problem may occur, where a plugin becomes no longer compatible for instance. In these instances you may need to ask me for help.

If I am doing any other work on the site for you, I will always make sure the site is updated as a matter of course.

Artwork and Graphics

I am skilled in the use of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and can prepare and optimise any images that you may have for use on the web. Alternatively, I can produce artwork myself from scratch.

I will also use online image resources such as iStock for cost-effective and royalty-free images.

I DON’T work with Flash.

Hosting and Domain Registration

I can help with …

If you already have a web-host and / or registrar, where possible, I will work with that. If you don’t, then I will advise you the best way forward depending on your needs. I work with several smaller UK-based hosting companies and  registrars which in the long run turn out to be better value and offer better service than the larger flashier ones, where service can be poor and hidden costs can take you unawares.

As with my other services, all I charge for here is my time. If I incur any hosting costs and domain registration costs on your behalf, I simply pass them on to you as expenses – my business is in web design, not reselling web space or domain names.


I am happy to work on your WordPress site at all levels …

WordPress is designed to enable you to focus on your site content and manage it yourself. That said, there is still an inevitable learning curve, and in situations where you don’t have time, or are simply not interested in learning how to do it, I will help wherever I can.

I am particularly experienced in working with the Genesis framework, but also have experience of Canvas, Thesis and Thematic, and a wide range of plugins including  WooCommerce.